21st Century Business Landscape

From authors Clay Shirky, Chris Brogan, Chris Anderson, Seth Godin, Tim O'Reilly William Draves and others, there is ample evidence and mapping that the business world has indeed changed in the 21st century.

These authors talk about huge concepts, though. This group is for discussing how those big shifts affect us, and ideas for navigating and exploring this new territory in our businesses every day.

Come in! Ask questions, give ideas, tell us what's working for you and what isn't working. Share good videos and resources with others looking to learn the same kind of thing.

Let's explore this new business landscape together.

VIDEO - Clay Shirky: Where do they find the time?

Looking to revamp part of your business? Wondering about the factors of engagement marketing and what the core impulse and connection of that is?

Here is a video of Clay speaking at the Web 2.0 conference a few years ago about a concept called "cognitive surplus." If you are in media or TV production, this video may offend your map of reality; if you are in a panic over the "crumbling" of the economy and mainstay industries of the 20th century, this gives some good insight and an enlightening perspective.

Entertaining and yet neurally stimulating, here's Clay Shirky:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Let's talk about these concepts. What point stood out most for you in this video? Do you agree with that point?

How has your cognitive surplus been spent the last few months or years, and has it changed much as you started your business?

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